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Shop 1520 Ground Floor, Warringah Mall, Brookvale

NSW 2100, Australia

02 9939 5858

Royals Hair – Industry Leaders with the Best Hair Salon North Shore

Royals Hair was originally started with a husband and wife duo that is still to this day, obsessed with hair. Since their first business venture together, they have now reached a stage where they have 4 separate hair dressing salons, one of which is located in the North shore.

We’ve now evolved into being one of the leading hair experts in North Shore, with our team who is technically trained for all aspects of hair dressing. This includes, but isn’t limited to balayage, hair colouring, hair styling and of course the classic haircut.

North Shore Hairdresser for a Relaxing Experience

Royals Hair employs hairdressers in the north shore who always put the comfort of the customer first. Whether you’re looking to get a whole new makeover with a fresh hair style, or just doing your regular trim, the team at Royals Hair will work hard to make sure you are pampered to the max.

We only use the highest quality of products regardless of whether you’re looking to do just some highlights or get all your hair recoloured. We also use premium grade Remy hair extension products so that you’re always feeling like your best self.

Certified North Shore Hairdressers

Our hair salon in the heart of the North Shore employees only the most diligent and highly trained staff who know how to work with you to achieve all your hair dreams. Royals Hair is an award winning facility, recognised as the industry leaders that we are, especially because we keep a close eye on all the latest trends that we can help share with customers

Give us a call on (02) 9939 5858 and book an appointment. Make your hair your most valuable asset by putting it in the hands of someone you can trust.