Know the Importance of Hair Part

Every time a hairdresser Brookvale works on your hair, they follow it up with one question,’ which side do you split your hair,’ then they follow us, give a long look or start reworking on it till they get it ‘right.’ You may have found that some parting elegances make you look better than others unless you are one of those who has never spared a second thought on hair pieces, enabling it to fall the way it does naturally.

Certain facial features can be exaggerated by the way your hair reposes around your face. Your hair section will accentuate the correct ones if done correctly, giving an added oomph element to your looks. It is vital to choose the right hairdresser North Sydney for an elegant look. A wrong part, on the contrary, will draw attention to your face’s trouble spots; make your appearance fall flat. Every day, you don’t need elaborate contouring; you can bring out the best in your looks by just rocking the right part of the hair. Here is a rundown on the right part for various face shapes to help you make that choice:

Round Shape

When all you are trying to do is look elegant, we know the struggles of being called a baby face. If you have a round face, you should concentrate mainly on giving it more dimensions. A deep side part does the job rather well for you, coupled with a sharp side fringe. Similarly, the illusion of an elongated look is added by a clean center portion, adding a great dimension to your face.

Heart Shape

You know that when you have a heart-shaped profile, you’ve got a killer collection of cheekbones. But a pointy chin also characterizes your face, so this role should be softened by your hair parting style. A middle or deep portion would do just the opposite in this case and end up strongly accentuating the jaw. The way to go is a slightly off-center part.

Square Shape

The idea is to let your hair rest on your face in a way that softens the edges to create an impression of roundness for all the lovely square-faced women with well-defined jawlines and high cheekbones. The best bet to accentuate the correct characteristics is the side part hairdo, with side fringes that finish at your cheekbones.

Diamond Shape

Diamonds are the best friend of a girl, and it is a blessing to have the characteristics which closely resemble the shape of this diamond. The forehead is comparatively smaller in a diamond-shaped face, so bangs or side fringes that cover the forehead are certainly a no-no. The best alternative is a side part done in a way where your hair is kept up behind your crown. To maintain the look, you can work with a hairspray.

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